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Who We Are

We are a website of helping tourists from all over the world with free information on Tibet Travels & Tibet Tours, making the right or correct choice of a travel agency with which tourists get better quality of the service valued their money, avoiding any cheatings before and during their trips, and also providing tourists with such information as to select a preferred hotel in Tibet, to know how to behave well during the Tibet trip, to know if they put forward or postpone their trips to Tibet after they read something about Tibet latest news, Tibet weather, Tibet travel permit, and etc. We also are a free help for tourists with the overcoming the difficulty of getting Tibet train tickets for their Tibet railway ride, and getting the entrance tickets to visit the splendid Potala Palace.
We are local though we are in Chengdu, one of the biggest cities in West China, because of Tibet’s incomplete IT conditions and lack of electricity some times. However, we have the first hand of materials from our base office in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, no matter we communicate with each office online (some times it is good) or on telephone. Therefore we CAN give the correct and first hand information and help, not give tourists with the copied information. Our staffs are composed of experts in Tibet Travel, with college degree. 

What Is Our Aim & Mission

It is our missions that we will try our best to help developing Tibet travels & tours, to help tourists with ease while making decisions of traveling to Tibet and making every of our efforts to make the tour fee not expensive at all in the future than nowadays, and furthermore to help common Tibetans especially the orphans, jobless, and needy students who need money for further study, with more love, job chance, and knowledge. 

We are and will be aiming at building an authoritative Tibet travel website which gives online helps to tourists with every aspect before and during their Tibet travels & tours, helps to vendors such as hotels, tour companies, air companies, tour automobile companies, etc with the rapid and correct place of their products promotion, thus we can pay back to Tibet at most degree with helps to those who need helps.

Our Difference 

You may find out helps in other websites for your Tibet travel. However, we are local, and we are only focusing on Tibet, the only one mythical Tibet. We have more time and more energy on only one place, Tibet. Secondly we are different with other local online travel websites because we have a great number of people who give us help by doing volunteer or part time job. This means they help us without any paying back or only a basic living standard, all because of their love to Tibet and Tibetans. In other words, we are the giant in local. Finally we differ from other travel agencies or online service on that we give out some of our profits to help those local people who need helps, even at the very beginning stage we use our money to give rewards to those Tibet lovers with their helps or even in the years like 2008, a disaster year in which most tour companies have no or minus profit, we still give money for the helps to the Dickey Orphanage. However, we think that it is YOU ALL but not us are giving them help! 

What We Have Done

Developing members for help
Besides we are the best

At the very beginning, we were a very common local travel operator since the founding in 1991. With our more than other’s time and energy, with our more careful work, with our characteristics of our arranging only local Tibetan tour guides (we were among the three kind of companies to do so, though many others later imitating us), and with our reasonable price, we have grown up to be the leading local tour company which ever and still now operating a few world famous tour companies’ groups like OAT, Viking, Uniworld, Travel Corporation, Collette, RITS, and so on. As time goes on, we ourselves start the direct tour service online too. That is the birth of a few of our company’s websites

From the beginning when we were not any YakPal company we did a lot of helps work in the paying back to Tibet by introduction of overseas travel agencies to Jantson Chuming Orphanage. By doing so, a lot of people and tour companies from US, Australia, Taiwan, etc donated a lot of money. Afterwards when we grew up, we ourselves as well donated money to Dickey Orphanage not only introduction to it , of overseas tourist companies like Overseas Adventure Travel, Destination China Travel, Collette, etc. We gave money to the orphanages in the names of tourists because we will split 10 US dollars from each group’s profit and gave that to the orphanage. 

What You Can Do For Us

1. Although we are proud of what we have achieved but we still bear in mind that we have a lot of things to learn and to do. Therefore we DO need help and aid from you and your circles. Help us is helping Tibet, Tibet travel, or Tibetans. The help from you could be from the following aspects.

Help us with the contents. Spare your time or free time to read what we have written on our website and pick up the mistake, such as wrong word, incorrect expressions, grammar mistakes, or English names of Tibet places which are not the same as you have ever read, or even the information which is not the same as you hear and see from different resources. You can tell us in the Forum with the registration (there is a policy to protect your privacy) or you can email us. For some none-standard English expressions or articles, you can revise them or you can rewrite them in order to make it the right way of English expression. Then you get points with accumulation of which you can get rewards 

2. Help us by writing some articles. Share your travelogues of your Tibet travel, submit your tour photos or video clips to our website, or write an article to us about your travel experience and something to be improved in Tibet travels & tours. This is also a help to the other travelers with your comments on the tour guides, Tour Company, etc. Then you get points with accumulation of which you can get rewards.

3. Helps in helping tourists habit to find us in the Searching engines. We design our website according to our ways of searching something in the Searching engine, by keywords, phrases, expressions or long tails of keywords, etc. Those may not suitable for your habit of finding things in the Searching engines. So please help us to improve that. Then you get points with accumulation of which you can get rewards.

4. Also help us with improving of the web structures so that it may acclimatize to the westerners’ habit. Then you get points with accumulation of which you can get rewards

5. Help us with the promotion of website. You may use your knowledge or know-how to promote our website so that it can grow up rapidly and popularly welcomed by searching engines and easy for tourists to find out our website. Then you get points with accumulation of which you can get rewards

6. To recommend us to other travelers is also a great help. You can write an article to your local newspapers, paste a recommendation in the local online BBS or forums, etc. Then you get points with accumulation of which you can get rewards

You can come to our office to help us, you can spare your time to help us, or you can help us in your fixed time say for instance to set up a topic in our travel forum to get more attention to our website and more web traffic, etc. 

What Rewards Can You Get in Return

Why help us equals to help Tibetans or Tibet travels & tours? 
Let’s take the orphanage for example to state our thesis statement. Of course you can directly to send your donation to Dickey Orphanage and you can also persuade your community or your social circle to donate things or money, but it is a limit range of people. But with your help we group up to be big enough, a lot more people can help the Dickey Orphanage. Am I right? 

With the accumulation of the points you gained, you can get a few kinds of rewards. That is something in return for your help. Of course these rewards cannot be big enough compared with the commercial ways. And you can accumulate the points until you reach the deadline of the biggest one, you can also get things you like with a certain points in accordance with the prize!

Prize List:
1. T-Shirt it is 10USD including air mail fee. T-Shirts with Yak, Yak, Yak
2. Yak bone Jewelry & Ornaments 30USD including air mail fee like necklace, bracelet, etc
3. Tibetan-style Silver Jewelry 70 USD including air mail fee like silver bracelet with Tibetan precious stone
4. A Laptop PC 1200USD including airmail fee. 
5. A free trip to Tibet including China domestic airfare. 2300USD

Special Prize

If you have any constructive opinion or suggestion on the structure, conceptions, and promotion of our website, or methods to make our website well-known in a very short time, please tell us. Once your opinion, suggestion or method be accepted and proofed to be practical and effective, you will be immediately rewarded a FREE TOUR to Tibet! If you worry that somebody else may imitate what you put forward, you may send us your idea by E-mail us.


Interested in winning the big prize? 

YakPal group Prize Commitee